net4mac 1.1

Social networking for Mac users


  • Connect with Mac users
  • Join groups and events
  • Good privacy settings


  • Awkward chat tool
  • Closed network

Very good

net4mac allows you to meet other Mac users without using your browser or connecting to other social networks.

net4mac users can connect, chat, create groups and events. You can invite friends easily by importing their contacts from your Address Book or sending an invite via your Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL account.

Editing your profile is simple and you are encouraged to write down information on your Mac and Apple products you use. On the privacy side, you can limit who can see what on your profile and comments and who can search for you. The net4mac home always displays how many net4mac users are connected. Click on a name to see their profile.

net4mac includes a special offers section, but this seems more or less limited to other net4mac products. The classifieds section would also be a good place to sell and buy products, however it was empty when we tried net4mac out.

The chat tool in the application felt a little clunky, and although you can choose what chat room to join, it can take some time to load up and doesn't always display properly what you type. We also felt the choice of emoticons was too small.

If you like closed networks and feel like meeting up with other Mac users, you'll enjoy net4mac.

In order to become a part of the community and use all features, you will need to download an application designed for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The net4mac application allows you to...

  • Create an account and login to the service (internet connexion required).
  • Create your profile including your location, job, activities, skills and the type of Macs, iPhone, iPod, etc. that you own.
  • Add friends to your profile and manage them (remember, the service is only for Mac users).
  • Contact members, send invitations to join the community, and manage your messages.
  • Create your own groups of interest and invite friends to join them (people using the same application, in your same location, sharing the same passions, etc).
  • Browse and join groups you find interesting - share discussions, events and more!
  • Create events and invite Mac users (this is useful if you want to announce the presentation of a product / service, etc)
  • Search members using different criteria (for example, you can find people that use the same Mac or software)
  • Discover people around you (other Mac users in your neighborhood)
  • Get special offers from our partners

There are many good reasons to use an application instead of a website:

  • Better integration between Mac OS X technologies and the features.
  • The community is easy to access from the Dock.
  • You can send invitations using your AddressBook
  • You can add/remove members with public profiles to/from your AddressBook.
  • You can add a picture to your profile or a group from your webcam!
  • You can see the number of messages in your dock (like Apple mail)
  • Check out the application and see for yourself!



net4mac 1.1

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